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Author: Irshadi Bagasputro

Irshadi Bagasputro

Software Engineer

Frontend Engineer with over 4 years of experience developing and maintaining user-centric web applications in a SaaS platform environment. I build responsive and scalable interfaces that optimize user experience. Experienced in working with cross-functional teams to understand user needs, identify requirements, and deliver solutions. Software engineer atwork .

Graduate from Universitas Padjajaran majoring Library and Information Science, I start my career as UI/UX designer at JULO; an Indonesian Fintech Company. Somewhere along the way, I feel like I have shift in my passion, I start to learn the basic stuff about engineering and tech world with my fellow coworkers, until one day I decided to quit my job and pursue career in Software Engineering (with the help of bootcamp of course).

After I finished my Bootcamp at Hacktiv8, I joined delman.io. At my early years, I developed their core product focused on data cleaning and visualization, using react with next.js. I successfully transformed revamped designs into actual products, while optimizing code for client-side performance, resulting in an improved user experience. I also demonstrated my skills in testing the front-end code, using react-testing-libraries and cypress, to ensure the product's functionality and usability. Furthermore, I conducted research and implemented the latest technologies on the front-end codebase, which kept the product up-to-date and competitive in the market, for example; I dealt with web virtualized lists to create data tables.

Later down the line, I played a key role in leading the development of Delman's product by working closely with the product manager and stakeholders to develop new features and improvements. I help the company by made effective hiring decisions while lead a team of 5 engineers and mentored them. Additionally, I created a systematic workflow to enhance productivity across divisions and ensured efficient ticket distribution for feature development. I provided a well-defined abstraction and code modularity for the UI components and defined and improved our internal standards for maintainable, scalable, reusable, and testable code, maintaining and advocating for these standards through code review. I conducted extensive research on new technologies that could provide a competitive advantage and effectively leveraged those gained advantages into the product. Furthermore, I identified areas of improvement in the code base and developed appropriate solutions to address them, contributing to the overall success of the project.

License and Certifications

Associate Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud

Jul 2020 · Jul 2023

Hacktiv8 FSJS Immersive Program

Hacktiv8 Infonesia

Aug 2019 · No Expirations Date

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