About Me

Irshadi Bagasputro

Software Engineer

Right now, I work as a software engineer atwork . My main focus is in Front End Development, anything from Web Application into Mobile Application. If you want to work together or have a question or two feel free to to email me.

Graduate from Universitas Padjajaran majoring Library and Information Science, I start my career as UI/UX designer at JULO; an Indonesian Fintech Company. Somewhere along the way, I feel like I have shift in my passion, I start to learn the basic stuff about engineering and tech world with my fellow coworkers, until one day I decided to quit my job and pursue career in Software Engineering (with the help of bootcamp of course).

After I finished my Bootcamp, I joined delman.io; an work there eversince.

License and Certifications

Associate Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud

Jul 2020 · Jul 2022

Hacktiv8 FSJS Immersive Program

Hacktiv8 Infonesia

Aug 2019 · No Expirations Date

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